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Which is more harmful, perm or hair dye?

Both perm and hair dyeing will cause a certain degree of damage to the hair, but in general, hair dyeing is more harmful. Mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1. Peroxide damage. Hair dyes contain hydrogen peroxide and other components, these compounds will destroy the protein structure of the hair, reduce the elasticity and luster of the hair, and cause the hair to be dry and hard. This is especially true for long-term hair dyeing. The damage of perm mainly comes from high temperature, and the damage to the internal structure of hair is relatively light.
2. Scalp irritation. The chemicals in hair dye can irritate the scalp, causing inflammation, redness, and even burns on the scalp. Hair dye needs to act on the hair and scalp for a certain period of time, and the stimulation is relatively continuous. Although the high temperature of perm may also cause slight scalp irritation, the action time is short and the impact is small.
3. Combine with metal ions. Aromatic amine compounds in hair dyes can combine with copper ions in hair to produce chemical reactions. Over time, these metal ions can wreak havoc on hair, leading to dull, broken hair. The high temperature effect of perm is mainly physical change, and such chemical reaction damage will not occur.
4. Carcinogens. Some hair dyes contain carcinogenic aromatic amine compounds, especially benzoate and naphthalene compounds contained in black dyes, which can increase the risk of cancer after long-term exposure. The tools and products used in perm are less carcinogenic.
5. Skin allergies. The chemical components in hair dyes are also one of the factors that induce skin allergies, which may lead to scalp allergic dermatitis, eczema, etc. There is less chance of allergies to the products used during the perm process.
To sum up, although the high temperature of perm can also cause certain “scald” damage to hair, compared with chemical reaction and long-term toxicity, perm is less harmful. Especially in the case of long-term or frequent use, hair dyeing will accelerate the aging of hair and scalp, causing greater harm. But no matter perm or dyed hair, it needs to be used properly and carefully to reduce damage to hair.

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